„Seit der Beratung durch Prof. Dr. Andreas Humeny und des Teams erzielen wir durch eine spürbar höhere Intensität bei den Mitarbeitern jeden Monat zwischen 15 und 20 % mehr Umsatz.“

Ludwig Hallauer,
Geschäftsführer GLT, LHG
Gleitlagertechnik Technik GmbH, München


„Effective leadership and professional coaching. Sustainable cultural change based on personal development and business focus are the key areas of Andreas Humeny´s work. I strongly recommend Andreas Humeny and his team for these purposes.“

Dimitri Parthenopoulos
Director, Private Practice in Trading and Consultancy


„I have had the honour and pleasure to work closely with Andreas as he developed himself into the outstanding coach he is, both personal and professional. Working closely with Andreas during some of his years of study and practice, I have seen how he is able to integrate learnings from his personal experiences to his work. He likes learning and feedback.This is an invaluable asset. Andreas has a wonderful ability to get to the heart of issues and to focus on the most relevant and pertinent concerns for the client, deftly exploring the unsaid, carefully and respectfully bringing to light the main issues. Andreas has deep empathy, congruence, and authentic human understanding of his clients and their situation. He treats others with unconditional respect and honor. I unhesitatingly recommend Andreas, and encourage that any who are contemplating working with Andreas to do so and to take immediate benefit from his considerable talents.

Dr. Karl Birthistle
Professional Executive Coaching, Leadership Development


„Durch die effektive Beratung und das effiziente begleitende Coaching konnte ich mich und mein Unternehmen zukunftsfähig aufstellen. Ich habe meine Unternehmenschance ergriffen und mich auf diesen Prozess eingelassen. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die professionelle Begleitung.“

Shaun Sheffield,
Director of Operations
Hotel Ambiance Rivoli, München


„Ein Trainer, der weiß, wovon er spricht. Klasse“

Teilnehmer Führungskräfte-Entwicklung in Berlin


„Excellent training and motivating trainer.“

Teilnehmer Leadership Development Program in Rom


„Now, I understand what I have to do as a leader. Very helpful.“

Teilnehmerin Leadership Development Program in Bologna


„Very good coaching supporting me to lead my team effectively and efficiently in the future.“

Teilnehmer Cultural Change in Bucharest